Southwest Gooseneck Tandem Axle Bumper Pull Car Hauler

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Sizes range from 77" wide x 14' long to 83" wide x 20' long, 2"x2" box tube front rail, forged coupler, 2 - 3.5k Dexter axles, new ST205x75D15C tires on mod wheels, 2" treated decking, LED lights

Standard Features
Additional Features


G.V.W.R 7000 lbs.

Suspension Eye-to-Eye 4 Leaf Spring

Coupler 2" 7k Adj. Channel

Tires ST 205/75 15" 6 Ply Bias

Safety Chains 1/4"x5' Transport w/Grab Hook

Spare Tire Mount Located in Tongue Area

Front Rail 2"x2" Box Tube

Wheels 15"x6" Silver Mod with Chrome Caps

Tongue Wrapped 3 Piece Channel

Floor Wolmanized 2" Pine

Frame 3"x3"x1/4" Angle

Lights LED - D.O.T.

Cross Members 3"x2"x3/16" Angle

Break-Away System Meets D.O.T. Specifications

Fenders Heavy Duty Steel Teardrop

Safety Marker Tape Meets D.O.T. Specifications

Ramps Slide In with Storage

Electrical 6-Way Insulated Cable with 7-Pin Plug

Axles (2) Dexter 7k lbs. 1 Electric Brake

Finish (prep) Phosphorus Washed, 100% Primed

G.A.W.R. (each axle) 3500 lbs.

Paint Exterior 20 Coat System, High Grade Finish 



Trailer Models:

BCH1883235E - 83”x16’+2’ Dovetail

BCH2083235E - 83”x18’+2’ Dovetail

Axle Upgrades:

3500 lbs. 2 Brake Torsion 

Dexter Air Flex Suspension (2 Axles)* 

* Dexter Air Flex Requires Torsion Axles (to be upgraded separately)

Tire & Wheel Upgrades:

(4) 225/75 Bias 8 Ply (2540 lbs. Capacity each)

(4) 205/75 Radial 6 Ply (1820 lbs. Capacity each) 

(4) 7.00-15 Bias 10 Ply (2335 lbs. Capacity each)

Spare 205/75 Bias 6 Ply (1820 lbs. Capacity)

Spare 225/75 Bias 8 Ply (2540 lbs. Capacity) 

Spare 205/75 Radial 6 Ply (1820 lbs. Capacity)

Spare 7.00-15 Bias 10 Ply (2335 lbs. Capacity) 

Additional Upgrades:

1/8” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

3/16” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

1/4” Tread Plate Decking (Per Square Foot)

Colors Other Than Black (Per Trailer Foot)

Aluminum Tongue Box 

Locking Spare Tire Rack 

Swivel Jack

Caster Wheel 

Recessed D-Ring (each)

Electric Brake on 2nd Axle

A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive 

Battery for Powered Jack 

Treadplate Square Broke Fender 

Treadplate Drop Fenders 

3/16” Square Broke Fender


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